Do It Yourself Dub Club are a 3 piece from Southern germany, creating sounds and tunes with electronics and traditional instruments.

The players are:

Carsten Bauer: Samples, guitars, synths, wobbly bass bits.
Rick Newton: Samples, synths, Indian Banjo, tablas, Bass, madga, wierd noises.
Stefan Rosinski: Samples, flute, melodica, synths.

DIYDC produce at home, meeting a few times each month to coordinate tracks, swap Ideas, and just generally chill a bit. We publish tunes and sounds at regular and irregular intervals on the net.

We also play live dates, anything from gigs to parties (ideal, as we come self sufficient, and don't need much space). Sometimes the parties are the better dates, always individual and quite often a special atmo, but that's another matter...


Kontakt: rick(at)


MP3: Umbilical Chord (4,3MB)