fiend of Reality

Fiend of Reality

In 2010 finally being a five-piece, fiend Of Reality is joining the Underground scene the first time!
f.O.R. was originally founded by four guys, and eventually in late 2009 we got our last new member to complete the actual line-up and to admix once more different styles and influences that members of f.O.R. were coming up with every time!
Different styles and influences: slogan of f.O.R.? One can answer yes and no! Yes to it’s everything from Prog-Rock to Death Metal and all in between! No to we all love heavy, groundbreaking, ass-kicking music!

Left to right: Steff (Voc.), Alex (Guit.), Bene (Drums), David (Bass), Jakub (Guit.)


Kontakt: fiend-of-reality(at)


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